Hello WRLD: VR App Contest

You know, the point of starting this blog was to stop spending our lives tucked away programming in an office, but we just seem to keep on finding fascinating travel related app opportunities, funny that.

As you might remember we’ll be talking in Moscow in a couple weeks about hooking ARKit up to the real world to display things when you’re visiting places — BEST GUIDEBOOK EVAR amirite? — but we’ve found a thing called WRLD that certainly does not think small:

We believe the name reflects the scope and breadth of our vision, which is to build an immersive 3D world to visualise and interact with every thing on the planet.

OK, so travel apps that lets you visit the place in VR? Now we’re really cooking with gas!

You can check it out right now — download the WRLD App here — but they have a contest on to see who has the best ideas for writing apps using it:

Hello WRLD Challenge

… and that’s where you come in, Dear Readers; soon as we get the Moscow speech sorted, we’re going to be putting together an app to enter this with, and we’re open to all your great ideas for what you’d like to see in it. Got some good ones, especially thinking of integrating it with AR stuff, but the collective travel experience of all of us is no doubt cleverer than just me.

So give it some thought as to what you’d like to have a 3D maps of the world do for you to plan or assist your travelling, and let us know, and we’ll see what we can do!


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  1. Kobkaew Patsit

    Yes!!! Nice idea

    1. Alex

      Do the first one for visitors to Bangkok, you think? Or RANONG maybe?

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