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Who doesn’t like FREE travel books? Look, here’s sixteen for you!

Travel & Memoir FREE Books

Travel  & Memoir Book Giveaway


Treat yourself to as many of these top quality Travel Books & Memoirs as you like – all free to download.

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Be adventurous and try something new – it could be exactly the story you’ve been waiting for!

They all look pretty good, and hey FREE can’t beat that price — first we’re going to read is

The Great Game


How a game of cricket in Kabul lead one man on an extraordinary solo overland journey across Central Asia.   38-year-old Jon Beardmore, frustrated with his 9-5 career in the city makes a decision that will change his life forever. He decides to live a life full of adventure.

That truck looks like a good role model for Expedition Vehicle Siri, doesn’t it? Yep, overland travels in Asia are just the thing she’s made for, we figure!


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